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Fitness Test Lessons Learn't

One of my biggest goals in life is to simply transfer my knowledge along after leading by example. It always pisses me off to watch people keep their knowledge close to their hearts, but expects others to give knowledge to them. Being one of the only Valley students on my BSc Economics degree I had first hand experiences of this. We can seriously all get it. These lesson's you may never even implement on the SAS: Who Dares Wins fitness test, but can transfer into other areas of your life.

One things about me I've learnt is that adrenaline certainly does not kick in! That is when my flight action goes in hard and ways I've realised I have to overcome it is by the following:

- Go for a walk every morning with positive material in my ear & just visualize. Take a step back and just meditate on life

- Do practice test even if you aren't there yet and build it up

- Do the specific exercises i.e. kettle bells won't work! Buy some actually jerry cans. Ensure the Jerry cans do not have holes underneath. Otherwise this will cut your hands.

- Build up the jerry can weight! i.e. first with 10kg and when you feel comfortable build it up

- Bleep test can cause so much pressure just due to the bleeps. So just build it up every week

Anything I can help you with please just message me on social media or comment below and I will get back to you.


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