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First blog swag - the fear of no one reading this didn't stop her!

It all started with this small 5 ft 1 valleys girl who wanted more from life. She was different meaning she was a loser. She knew she was anything, but that! She stood up for who she was every damn day. She was resilient when she found her way. However, along the journey she broke many of times and asked others to glue pieces back together.

Until one day she ripped the pieces out of the hands of other. She walked alone and piece by piece glued herself back together. She battled and battled adding amour from each victory. She had her scars like the rest, but she was proud of each and every one of them. She could sprout the tale how she got them, but most importantly how she heeled each one.

She was her own superhero, not that she didn’t want the fairy tale ending like everyone else. Ut was that she knew it starter with her! Quality attracts quality. She was tunneled vision on herself and only someone with her find would get it. She wasn’t going to take on any dead weight or waste any more time due to wanting the social norm.

So think where you have come from and how that have molded you into the person you are today. Are you where you want to be? Yas? Then come all the way through! No? Then come all the way through, because the journey is my favorite part.

I dare you to start dreaming. As adults we feel that dreaming is just for children. We all want to protect our children and to let them dream. Then why not you? Are you not enough? So I challenge you to write down a dream and convert it into a goal by writing a plan.

Comment below your goal and plan. If you need any help please send me an email or hit me up on social media – myhitlife.

Thank you for ready my first blog. You know I appreciate every single one of you. Here’s to the dyslexic girl believing in her ability to write no matter what her teachers told her.

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