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Family Food Plan

Well hello, my fellow blogs readers. Yeah, I don't know where I was going with that either! I'm sat here on a Thursday trying to mass produce my content and honestly I've had a fuck full of social media ha. I know it sounds crazy, but after 3 years I just want a break. Now Instagram have brought out reels FFS! That's another thing I need to look at, but overall I'm extremely proud of my extreme consistency with content creation.

I heard the words I longed to hear last week, "Let's all start eating healthy, Katie create us a diet". Okay, I lie I despise the word diet, because diets never last! I will be creating everyone a food plan for their lifestyle.

So how do you create a new lifestyle? I will be doing the following:

  • Talking through with my parents how many meals a day would work for them realistically i.e. I eat 5, but 3 maybe more manageable for them;

  • Their guilty pleasures, because lets face it if you love chocolate you can't just cut it straight out

  • Then I will swap their guilty pleasures with healthier substitutes

  • Create a weekly food plan which will hang on the front of the fridge

  • Create a weekly shopping list inline with the food plan

  • Become the junk police aka if it comes in the house I will bin it

I am honestly so excited for this as I myself have eaten far too much junk during lock down and I haven't got the will power to not eat it if it's in the house.

I'll keep you updated, but I'm starting the new lifestyle for them on the 24th August after their holiday. In the meantime I will store out the food plan and cupboards ready.


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