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Enjoy the Holidays & Continue to Build Your Brand

I really appreciate that Christmas Day is literally 3 days away and I've seen a few people already shut down from social media. Don't get me wrong if you aren't using social media to build a brand delete all the social media apps and go live your best life! Seriously just be fully present and in the moment. However, when I see individuals using platforms to build a brand I struggle to comprehend how people can just take a day off. How you decide your time in more important than your audience who shows up to see your content daily.

I suppose it all comes down to one thing, what is the purpose for your personal brand. How outrageous are your goals. You need to ensure your brand goals and daily actions match. As I have big goals I am not naive enough to thinking not showing up daily is an option for myself.

I haven't had a day off since September 2017 no matter the holidays and most definitely Christmas Day! What do I mean by a day off? Basically posting daily content across multiple platforms, but of course even I need to take a digital detox. So when I want to unplug I simply using social media scheduling tools like Buffer (10 free posts) which allows me to switch off, but maintain my personal brand.

The main reasons I will not take a day off and break the momentum is that it's likely I wouldn't come back. The longer you leave things the harder it is to start back. We all can relate to that one day we missed off the gym and before we knew it it turned into months! I skipped a swimming lesson once at 16 and oh look I'm nearly 28 and I still haven't joined back the club. So if building a brand will help you achieve your goals then DO NOT take days off. Use social media scheduling tools and even hire a virtual assistant.

As I now start ticking off my mass weekly content goals I'm going to go back to binge watching Netflix (Ru Paul and The Witcher) and having a pity party for myself as I recover from my cold.


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