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Coronavirus Survival Tips - Workout From Home

Week 2 into Lock down. So, how are you feeling?

Honestly I'm feeling pretty good and I actually don't have enough hours in the day for everything I want to do. One thing I really need to work on is RELAXING! I think the hide phone in suitcase hack needs to be re-introduced. I'm feeling pretty good, but honestly I made a decision I was going to come out of lockdown stronger.

Of course with the lack of workout equipment at home my timetable have been adjusted. However, my coach & I are utilising this time to improve my cardio. And boy oh boy does it need improvement!

Below is my new timetable:

Monday- Total Body

Tuesday- Light Run and Jerry Cans

Wednesday- Rest Day

Thursday- Hard Run (and I'm throwing a HiiT session in for sanity)

Friday- Total Body

Saturday- Jerry Can circuit and weighted tab

Sunday- Medium run (and I'm throwing a HiiT session in for sanity)

I'm determined to come out of lockdown in better shape than I've started. Every day I now write a Food Plan so I can track my nutrition and ensure I stay on track. In order to keep yourself positive during this time drinking your water & eating your Fruit + Veg is vital.

Quick Nutrition Tip keep a high protein diet to maintain lean muscle mass during this time.

Hope it helps and if you need anything from me don't be afraid to drop my a DM or comment.



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