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Coronavirus Survival Tips - Staying at Home

Believe it at not, but during this time the tech world is doing extremely well! Having being forced to self isolate at home with my workload ever increasing I have no time to sit back with Corona brain (constant thought loops of panic of it even though I currently don't have it). Safe to say as I always travel into the city or on project site I do not have an appropriate work space. Even with a recent death in the family, family members recent daily including my stunning little 1 year old cousin who likes to shout Katie for 5 minutes straight. Not the easiest environment to work in. And I am certainly not the only case where many people are working in kitchens & off coffee tables getting awful backpain & feeling low.

I decided I would control the things I can control in this situation. I ordered paint! I researched happy colours and started to decorate my room. Of course the economy at the moment is extremely volatile and we are all on edge of loosing our jobs. I want to ensure I'm bringing the best version of myself to the table so I do not loose mine at least. Therefore, instead of spending thousands of pounds decorating my room I've spent maybe £200 altogether making my room Self Isolated friendly. Instead of buying new furniture I simply bought white gloss. I've separate my room out into the four following sections:

- Mindfuliness corner with an adorable corner unit and grey chair to be delivered. I will use this corner every morning to journal which will not only start my day with good habbits, but I will get my ass out of bed

- Work space facing the wall meaning I feel cut off from my room so when I walk in the work space I know I am going to work. And when I walk away from the work space I can relax. I have numerous motivational objects around me to keep me sane during this time

- Typical Netflix and Chill corner with my bed & unit again with motivational objects and candles

- Workout space with my weight equipment underneath my window

Its not ideal, but neither is the situation. So please use your weekend and make sure you have an appropriate environment for long term isolation. Your mental health matters and we are all in this together!

I hope this helps!


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