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Coming to Terms with Negative Nancy

This morning I woke up and was greeted by the myth, the legend... Negative Nancy. First thoughts, "OMG is it Sunday already? How unfair is this life? Like poor you... look how much work we got to do today? Waking up at 6.30am will not even put a dent into this workload". I'm giggling now writing this thinking how wrong my thoughts always are! So I welcome our Negative Nancy in and I was like, "I get it girl, I get it... we pick a busy life". However, before I retired to defeat and the easier "comfort", you know that let's lie back on the bed for 5 minutes looking at memes which turns into hours. I decided to do my journaling and start executing my podcasts early. I realised the same couple of weeks I've delayed my content creation until later in the evening which cause me some slight aniexity. Which always and I mean always stresses me out.

So, even though I didn't feel like it this morning and my voice on the first podcast will display that as soon as I finished my first podcast episode my motivation started to increase. By the 7th podcast man the energy was through the roof! The world rewarded me with 5 incredibly valuable podcasts which I didn't even see coming! I would blown away! Then you know the whole... okay world I'm sorry. I know you always got my back!

Lesson learn't here:

- You will always have days you don't feel like it

- You will always have days where the to do list overwhelmes you to avoidance


First of all start out with a big task and start chipping away. Without realising it you would have created some motivation, because bitch you're a boss and your actions will be overwriting the negative Nancy thoughts in your head.


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