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Cleaning Out my Closet

As GaryVee mentioned, "The reason why Eminem was able to finally be himself was, because in the last scene of 8 Mile he used everything embarrassing about him to his complete advantage. He used it on himself so no one could ever used it on him". It was only then that the penny dropped for me. That I realised this was the approach I was doing on my whole social media page. What I share is raw and real to even the point of last month sharing I was sexually abused.

Nothing make you feel more free than shouting it to the world all these "dark secrets" you were hiding, because you want to know why? We all have them! We can all relate to them! There's nothing more beautiful and I can't recommend it enough for your mental health. Just for you accepting you for you.

On that principal it means letting go of all your baggage. With the amazing freedom that comes with it. So I was up 2.20am this morning doing exactly this! Did you know I have boxes from Amazong which I haven't even open? Fun fact they have been there for over 2 years?! 2 damn years! How does that even make sense? So I literally started to empty out my closet and every drawyer.

I used Brooke's (The Life Coach School) principal of asking myself, "Would I buy this again?". I won't lie to you I absolutely hate flipping! Therefore, I'm going to mitigate it to my brother who has a natural skill doing it. Also, I hate developing photos. So I will mitigate to my cousin who is photo crazy. And then the rest... well charity can have that?

Honestly it feels like 50lbs have immediately melted off my brain. This week now I will do those tasks I've been avoiding for years. Such as canceling that credit card I haven't used in 3 years and so on. Just a basic task daily and I can't even imagine the benefit my mind will have. I'll update you next week.

Also, weight gain update... 7lbs! Check out my instagram to see my latest bod... (STILL HAWT THO). What are you cleaning out of your closet today?


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