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Callusing The Mind

The hardest part of any goal is believing. Not believing in the goal itself, but believing you can achieve it. Overcoming the initial goal shame of it all and then learning to believe you can actually achieve it. When you originally set your macro goal you have created a wall. Depending on how long term the goal is it could range from a garden wall or The Great Wall of China. I know this, because I'm currently looking at The Great Wall of China. We just stare at this wall and how impossible it is. We forget that we intend to build up the wall overtime, not overnight. The key to any goal is to break your macro goal into micro goals you have to perform daily to achieve it.

The wall is built brick by brick daily. You daily routine, consistency and of course blood, sweat and tears. Emotional tears from the mental breakdowns you have given yourself by going outside of your comfort zone. You are in the unknown as will you ever achieve your macro goal? The only way to achieve is by how you show up on a daily basis. Meaning just showing up is never enough! You have to lay each brick down daily with perfect precision. You have to create such a strong base to build from, no shortcuts. Because unfortunately you haven't built a wall... you in fact just started playing Jenga with yourself and it's only a matter of time your lack of effort will show. And you will know, because there's a voice in your head nagging at you. The times you avoided discomfort for short term pleasure which sacrificed your long term pleasure by actually achieving the goal!

There's no shortcuts to success. You can't cheat the grind. You have to EMBRACE THE SUCK! Which I know, I know. Thanks Katie you have called me out, now what?! How I cut my bullshit is by setting up a daily minimum baseline of what I will do no matter how I feel. My minimum baseline are all daily tasks which will help me achieve my macro goal. Building the wall, layering down brick by fucking brick. Whether I make it or not doesn't even matter. I love the process. I love the suffering and I know I will love the person I become through it. I will not be that person of their deathbed with regret!

We only regret in life what we don't do! I will not go out that way!


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