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So this week I had incredible news! I'm going to work in the USA on a project, however, the bad news is that I'm still chasing my SAS: Who Dares Wins goal for 2020! At this point I was to mentally slap myself and be like bitch we don't have time for this. If you want something you will find a way.

So immediately I started to put the prep plans in motion by doing the following:

- Messaging my coach the situation and asking him to figure a way we can still track my progress. Accountability is everything so even a call every week is what I need. My coach in 1 year have pushed me so far that I can't let him go now even if I am on a completely different timezone

- Question the gyms in the area from my work colleagues. One gym had an incredible rep with even fantastic PTs

- Google the area to see what was available

- Find a Marriot with an apartment style to ensure I'm on the path of least resistance with my food

- Check for the nearest Super Market near the hotel

- Work commute from Marriot to site.... under 15 minutes!

- What's to do on weekends as I would like to continue to hike and get over my fears for the show

- Jerry Cans? Okay, order them in

- 20m measurement tape for bleep test... okay pack it

Oddly enough I'm extremely more motivated in hotel life so I'm seeing this opportunity as the universe having my back. Maybe I'll even meet some local Marines in the area. It all comes down to how bad do you want it?

Fail to prepare then prepare to fail.


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