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Building an Online Personal Brand Beginners Guide

Online Business Beginner Daily Tracker

Beginner Guide Blueprint:

· What is your why?

· What is your passion?

· What online business do you want to achieve?

· What niche are you hitting? Aka if you want to do photography what value/ advice are you giving to your audience with your posts?

· Who are your audience?

· What initial social media platform are you going to start on? Please start with one. Alternatively change your Instagram to a business account and you can share to your Facebook account

· What is your best communication method? Written (captions or blogs), Audio (podcast) or Video (vlog, live or general video of your ideas)

Example: I want to release a Fitness & Nutrition for Consultants

Personal Development:

· 10 minutes of personal development every day – including speeches (this is a bare minimum)

· Journal – One thing you are proud of, 10 minutes of whatever you have in your head and what you are grateful for

· Goal management – write your daily goals aka the below or alternatively create a tracker (print off 7 and go through one each day – your tracker will contain the below tasks)

Posting Schedule

If you do not regularly post on social media:

· Post once a day on one social media platform

If you post on social media regularly:

· Post 3 times a day (make the posts unique)

Community Building

· GaryVee $1.80 theory on hashtags relating to your target audience;

· Cheer 5 people every day to maintain your current following;

· Depending if you are trying to sell a product then you need to build a relationship therefore DM them organically! Think long term… don’t throw products at people. DM 2-3 people a day

Creating Business Development Opportunities

· DM 3 people a day how you want to do something for free… YES FREE! Example for photography DM photographers you admire in Cardiff or online. I can show you DMs I sent to achieve takeovers on IG… but bring you to your messages!


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