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Be Realistic!

When I started building my personal brand 2 years ago maybe people told me, “To be realistic”. Some even humiliated me, “But what about big bloggers”. And so on and so forth, but I never let it phase me. We all got to start from somewhere. These are people who follow the normal path and are realistic. Don’t get me wrong you need to follow your path! What makes you happy! We aren’t all meant to blog or vlog. But we all have a destiny. Sometimes we let life take us away from this destiny. We stop doing the things we love simply to just chase money.

If you’re reading this I’m here to tell you that, “Yes, be realistic”. After getting my invitation for the Tiktok Emerging Talent Program I’ve been quite frankly in LALA Land. Why me? It’s obviously why! How I’ve dedicated my time to creating tiktoks everyday from July 1st 2018! How I’ve been authentically me and no matter how much life smashed me on my ass I posted a tiktok!

SO, YES BE REALISTIC! If you want to achieve your dreams then put in the work! I’ve produced over 2,800 tiktoks, because I’m simply executing. I’m not staying in my head and I’m just simply going for it. Quite frankly I’m not the best tiktoker in the world, but I’ve got a heart of gold. I seriously care about my audience more than I care about likes. I want to bring smiles to their faces, but I want to bring a smile to mine as well.

Every tiktok I post, I back. I don’t really bother checking for likes. Yes, it would be loving if every one of them blow up, but I’m in this for life. I seriously hope how I live my life on a day to day basis it shows you how you can achieve anything if you put in the work. This year I have seriously been blessed with a project & Go Live in Silicon Valley, two chances at SAS: Who Dares Wins and being invited to Tiktok HQ.

Everyday I produce over 40 pieces on content on social media. I share everything I have and every weekend I use that time to mass create content. I have big goals and I execute them on a daily basis. I lay the bricks down. SO BE REALISTIC.

If you got a big dream then you break it down in daily goals. You have a minimum baseline and you execute them no matter how you feel. When you show up authentically yourself that’s when you will win for life. I got you! Unicorns are real… in my life right now it feels like unicorns are walking around the streets handing out rainbows. LET’S GET IT!


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