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And for the Second Time this Month She Cried with Happy Tears

Photo capturing my post happy tears

Nearly two years ago you would find her on a pebble beach during her lunch hour. You'd watch her and notice the sadness in her eyes as she watched the waves go by, taking swigs out of her strawberry and lime Kopperberg can. No one could hear her inner thoughts.

If they knew, they would slowly see the split second when the light came back into her eyes. She was sat there repeating in her mind, "Why me?". Wishing someone would save her. Even talking to God presenting her case to why her life wasn't fair... "like come on God are you kidding me?". Then it hit her, no one was coming to save her and for the first time in her life she was going to put her hands up and take responsibility to what life she created. And most importantly she had no choice, but to save herself.

The situation looked pretty dark like an Christmas episode of Eastender's, but all she knew was that she had to change! One day strolling to work she was listening to a Motivational Speech about, "What is your Purpose?". She realised her purpose was Fitness. It didn't give her all the answers she needed, but it most definitely gave her a direction to walk in. So when a Facebook ad appeared on her page for the fifth time she finally clicked it. Little did she know that moment would change her life forever.

What if I told you that tears didn't always have to come from sadness? What if I told you this year so far, I have cried far more happy tears than sad ones? Out of nowhere they just come, but believe me they come! I was just walking on the treadmill listening to Carried Underwood - The Champion and the waterworks came. As soon as I was walking at Level 5 zoning in fully on my personal development and heard the line, "All you people watching on the TV, you better put your bets on me". Then all the months of training and my future vision hit me. I've been repeating, "I am a Titan" and all the reasons why for 10 minutes during walking each day. The positive thought loop was building, "If not them, then why not me?!". I was in that moment I decided, "I'm coming for everything I'm owned!". When you have that Rocky's speech to his sons moment hit's you. The tears will come. It's like all of a sudden someone have removed the blindfold and you see yourself for the Worthy person you really are.

"If you know what your worth,

Then go out and get what your worth,

BUT you got to be willing to take the hits!"

And that's the most beautiful realisation of them all! Finally knowing your worth.

What are you worthy of?

I want you to write below in the comments. I am worthy to...


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