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Accountability Will Save Your Happiness

Guys, can you believe we are nearly in 2020? Honestly I started this vlog last December! I decided as a Christmas present I would buy myself a website. Fantastic tip for you check if you switch your bank to HSBC whether you will get a £150 reward! That's how I got myself a free website for 1 year!

Last Christmas, I did some call to action posts which I know no one will even take my advice on. The problem is with people is that we like to complain, but we don't like to do anything about it! This is going to be a bit of a touchy blog post, but it is what it is.

If you're unhappy this Christmas then that's your fault! You need to take full responsibility for your actions or lack of action. If last year you were sad and depressed and hate Christmas then you had a choice! You had a choice to repeat the year or actually make a fund! Actually put money aside each week so you could be away for Christmas. I have to say I'm extremely proud one of my closet friend is traveling to Scotland for Christmas! She's got her trip fully planned out and she's seriously bossing it!

I'm so blessed that I can't stand lying! So for example, if I stayed here for New Years Eve and my birthday I would've been so depressed! I know I would've and I'll tell you a bigger secret home girl didn't save throughout the year, because in all honesty I thought I may already been there for Christmas. However, I called everyone's ass out so how the fuck was I going to be the dumb ass who didn't go away myself?!

So fantastic news I have a flight booked to state side to spend New Years Eve around the people I love doing no doubt activities I will love as well. I feel extremely blessed and highly flavored. Even though the flight was £800 I know I've made the right decision. Also, I haven't bothered buying myself many presents going away is more than enough for me.

Without me writing these posts I would never live the life I wanted to live. So please if you find yourself giving others advice, but you can't take your own. Maybe you need to push yourself out there that little bit more. Social media is one of the best inventions I feel. Its allowed me to become the woman I am today! If you want to achieve anything then please keep yourself accountable!

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