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A Year in Review

What better way than going into 2020 than reflecting on 2019. Looking at the highs, lows, lessons learnt. Honestly I cannot believe how much success I had in 2019 that it mentally and physically exhausted me. So after 2019 it have allowed me to set my 2020 vision so I will be as mentally and physically ready as I can. I will incorporate this into my daily 10 minutes of visualization and meditation.

January 2019

Starting the year off with a bang I wanted to level up my personal brand strategy so I naturally moved into YouTube. Honestly, YouTube isn't a platform I will ever be massive on. Why? I hate filters and editing, but I find it extremely easy to stick my face infront of the camera and answer questions. Thanks to this skill I managed to find a niche area in the SAP space. This then lead to numerous other SAP vlog ideas and just in general helping others within the SAP space. I would highly recommend YouTube mainly just for long form content as it's extremely difficult to navigate IGTV. Organised your content by creating certain playlists.

I also, created my own Facebook group as a safe space for others to just grow and keep themselves accountable. I hate the whole narcissist approach of taking individuals time and attentions and never providing value back to them.

1 month into lifting with my professional coaching I started to see my first upperbody gains #curlsforthegirls

Feb 2019

Being unhappy is a choice that not all people own. So for my third year single on Valentines Day I took myself to Dubai. I think it's safe to say its extremely hard not to be happy when you are rolling VIP in a cinema. Honestly one of my best trips yet! Plus going solo means on excursions you are likely to be sitting in the front seat. Made the sand dunes trip extremely exciting ha.

March 2019

I was clearly feeling myself in March, because I decided I was worthy to be an ASOS model and on TV shows like The Circle. Considering how I had zero confidence until 25 years old this was such a proud moment for me. I didn't care about rejection. I was too focused on my self belief that I was worthy to apply for such an opportunity.

April 2019

I hit 50,000 followers on tiktok. Honestly, I felt like I was 4 months too late. I wanted to hit this target by COP 2018. I started producing 5 tiktoks a day for the final 2 months of 2018. However, I'm now on 118,000 followers so it just shows the compound effect. You can't focus on the numbers, but you should focus on the effort to get there. You certainly don't have to be the best, but the most consistent!

May 2019

Was a month I focused fully on my gratitude for my career. I truly loved working on two projects being mentally pushed daily. The weekly travel and hotel living. Then organising a fitness event for work. It was such a blessed month. As always I ensured my fitness journey was consistent during the sink of swim of the Consulting World.

June 2019

The SAS: Who Dares Wins applications open and within 24 hours I submitted my application form. It was pretty unbelievable my audition tape I filmed on my living room sofa quite a mess. I truly didn't expect anything from it... I would soon discover I was invited to the Casting Day.

I took myself to Spain to celebrate my 2 years anniversary of being single. Fun story my original trip I missed due to leaving my suitcase on the train and then loosing my passport However, I never took this out on anyone else around me. I was giving a free hot chocolate and drink from a coffee shop. My suitcase and passport returned to me within 5 hours and my a cheap flight to another destination within Spain. The universe most certainly had my back. After a LARGE vodka, lime and lemonade from my favorite Italian restaurant.

July 2019

Well July got spicy that's for sure. I randomly walked Pen Y Fan for the first time solo and when arriving there I saw a Special Forces experience event. I queried and thought I certainly won't be doing that. I arrived to Pen Y Fan in shorts, batman hoody and my flyknits trainers with no grip. However, by the time I walked to the top of the mountain I argued myself into not just doing the night Fan Dance, but the morning one as well. I had zero cardio training and no supplies. I was scared of the dark for a start, but I committed. I of course finished both events and even the day after I finished in 2.5 hours which was a decent time. Only 3 hours sleep, but I thought it was a sign. I knew if I didn't do the event I would blame myself for not getting invited to the SAS Casting Day.

One week later I received an invite for the SAS: Who Dares Wins casting day in Newcastle. Safe to say I couldn't believe it, but I was extremely grateful. When arriving on the day I honestly didn't even want to go. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. Only 1 year before I was working out in my living room too scared to go to the gym. Unprepared I failed the casting day and obviously broke down. However, I still executed my daily content goals and shared my losses on social media in hope it would push me the next time the opportunity came.

August 2019

Safe to safe after failing SAS: Who Dares Wins I was focusing on crawling forward. However, the world had my back. A week later I was invited out to California for a project Go Live. On the one weekend I was there I visited Yosemite in the summer time. It was truly breathtaking. I went on one of the best hikes on my life!

September 2019

Who you even believe it I had a second chance at SAS: Who Dares Wins? Thanks for me being so loud of social media a guy messaged me saying the casting team was coming to his gym. So I booked a day off worked and traveled 3 hours for the possibility of just 10 minutes of their time. I flew through all the interviews, but I needed to redo the fitness test elements I failed. The team had my clothing sizes waiting for me, but what stopped me was a bleep test.

Failing a bleep test was a massive blow, but every time I hit level 8 on the bleep test my inner negative voice came for me. It was so horrible to face myself, but most importantly I showed up time after time and I failed. I didn't run away from the negative emotion.

Again I shared my blow on social media and focused purely on crawling my way to 2020. Just showing up daily and crushing SAS: Who Dares Wins in 2020.

October 2019

Even after the SAS: Who Dares Wins blows I continued to produce content daily. Its never easy showing up authentically you in a world where everyone else is pretending to be a sim, but I did it anyways. Again the universe picked me up when I was invited to the Tiktok Emergening Talent Program. This blew my mind as I've been writing one of my main goals as a Tiktoker. So much for a peaceful end to 2019? Again, the success mentally drained me.


November 2019

Fireworks are my favorite and I was truly best to have seen two shows. Especially one show being Lewes Bonfire! CAN'T RECOMMEND THAT ENOUGH. Also, spending some quality times with truly amazing friends.

Oh, and my application was accepted by Tiktok XD


OBVIOUSLY CHRISTMAS WAS AMAZING! I'm low key trying to crawl my ass into 2020 so I get hyped up by the New Year, New Me motivation. Pray for me!

But I obviously got invited to the Tiktok HQ as one of their influencers this truly blew my mind and like always cause another mental breakdown. Pretty standard.

Goals for 2020 are in full motion.

I challenge you to reflect on 2019 and write three goals for 2020.



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