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2019 Reflection

As she sat in a coffee shop legs up, as always in a her typical look. That look being a baggy hoody, bed head and half her life carried with her. The standard look for her when balancing her Consultant Life and Fitness Conquest. She reflected over her top nine photo’s in 2017 against 2018. She wasn’t exactly sure when it happened and she knew it certainly didn’t happen overnight. Sometimes she forgets that she had no goals, but to literally survive through a mentality breaking experience in her life. She went from a girl who wouldn’t post one photo on social media especially not a sweaty selfie unless she was on holidays. Hiding in the middle of a workout arena looking up to her role model. To slowly forming into this machine that wanted to push herself to her limits. Finally being comfortable in her body and wearing what she wanted to the gym to dancing in front of a 1,000 people on stage. Those accomplishments seem nothing now to where she was. Those accomplishments were like the first step to the starting line of a marathon. She now believed that the man who changed her life, she was worthy enough to stand side by side next to him to have the same impact on others’ lives. When she compared to who she was to now it doesn’t seen comprehendible that that transformation even happened. But it did happen! The best side of the story was by her pushing to be her best self-others showed up to cheer her along the way. Others who watched her transformation saw their greatness and they also stepped forward into their destiny.

The moral of the story is that it’s okay if you don’t have answers now. I certainly didn’t, but I had a work ethic to just show up and invest in my mindset. Most importantly I was done with my life. Something had to change and I knew it was my actions and how I viewed my worth. Hours and hours of personal development the answers started to appear. The short and long term goals came. These legend goals which I didn’t even know existed came to me. They didn’t just come from anyone, they came from me and me alone. If your destiny comes to you no matter how scary it is you must walk into it. So please just search for the answers and consistently put in the work and they will come to you.

To see how I found my answers check out my ig stories – myhitlife as I shared my personal development routine every morning. Thank you for showing and giving a fuck! Let’s all rise together! WE GOT THIS!

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