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100 Days of White Privilege Update

So after posting 1 week of white privilege I can safely say racism is a big problem! It's amazing how much your perspective can change when you open up your mind. Its so crazy how ending racism seems to be such a big debate. Before starting 100 days of white privilege I honestly thought the years of racism was gone until I started posting and lost 300 followers in a week and received the most negativity ever!

When I first started speaking about BLM I was so scared to say the wrong thing and honestly I really did time after time, but no black person ever DM'd me to have a go. I was so surprised that all I had was negative messages from white people and POC honestly messaging to see I was okay & appreciating my effort to even try and understand.

Safe to say mind I probably have a larger white audience so I'm not trying to generalise by my own personal experience. But safe to say taking on this new commitment and the worry of saying the wrong thing added a lot of stain.

Therefore, this week I've reviewed my current social media content strategy and some tasks and even LinkedIn had to go. I couldn't afford to burn myself out. As always I've always put my energy into helping others and therefore, I had to make some priorities. Quitting is always a tough one for me, but I have to be realistic with my time and energy.

I'm currently reading 3 books per week for SAS, trading and now Anti-racism. I've had to really use my weekly timetable to plan these out accordingly so I know they can be achieved and to quiet down my overthinking as well.

Every Sunday I will dedicate my time to listening to the Anti Racism book and creating my 100 days of white privilege posts for the week. I have the kindle version of the book which will allow me to screenshot so it can remove my worry of saying the wrong thing as well.

I hope this blog has encouraged anyone who was scared to speak out to just go for it, but understand to be a true good person confrontation is part of it. Getting through adversity is in your blood. I just need you to keep walking - Eric Thomas

If you ever need anything please just DM me.


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