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100 Days of White Privilege

Its been quite an eye opening week for me on a whole. Until Monday I was under the illusion that we were all equal. Safe to say I had quite a rude awakening and I most definitely committed to do better. "We can't hold space for biases we don't see". So I had to get educating myself and started listening to Stamped: Racism, Anti Racism and You and of course, showed my complete support on social media:

I wouldn't have been a live today if it wasn't for the black role models in my life and I wouldn't be where I am on social media if it wasn't for my black followers. So as I have always done I've given my time and everything I can do to help them and in this case it was my voice and platform. Please know I stand for equality for all and I'm against injustice I can believe in all of it and not have to pick sides.

This passed week I've received more confrontation than I've ever received from my passed 2 + years which I found crazy! I've lost many followers and likes of course and being an influencer this can be tough, but I'm so damn blessed I don't value myself on the opinion of others. I wrote on my quote board today, "It's be a real shame now if you sold yourself out for some followers / likes on social. Worse case you can buy them like everyone else. - #leadbyexampleornotatall".

I started to reconsider whether continuing doing 100 days of white privilege was the right to do and maybe hiding it in my stories. Then I had to capture myself and remind myself about peer pressure. It is better to face adversity for what you believe in than take the path of least resistance and face it anyways.

100 days of white privilege will basically be me listening to audible books regarding Racism and Anti- Racism and recapping my lessons learnt. How is that white privilege? The fact I have to pick up a book to understand.

I know its hard, but change will take us all. So when we see injustice let's stand up against it.

"All it takes for evil to win if for good men to sit back and to do nothing".

After 100 days of white privilege I intend to learn about the other human rights areas I am uneducated on such as LGBTQ, feminism and religion etc. I understand that I will never understand as I have an easy life as a white straight female, but I will educate myself to be open minded and truly be there for my audience and show up how I can for you. Not just for a moment, but for life.

I've been thinking of marking the events on my calendar and using that day to educate myself etc. We shall see.

Below is a link to all petitions and ways you can help black lives matter:

Also, below are the black men who not only changed my life, but saved my life. I still wear my Shaun T bracelet every day!


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