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1.5 Miles in 9 Minutes 30 Seconds Goal Achieved!

Can you fucking believe it my 5 ft 1 ass made a 1.5 Mile run in 9 Minutes 24 Seconds?! Yeah, I was shocked to fuck as well! Just shows that impossible only exists within our mind! I can't quite believe I turned around 11 Minutes 30 Seconds with 3 stops and one including me going to walk home to that!

What helped me achieve this is the following:

  • Ask the experts! Seriously ask people who have the knowledge instead of wasting your time on google. I was extremely blessed I knew two people who helped me. This allowed my brain to know I was doing everything I could. Therefore, I took their training tips and changed my timetable and followed the process completely;

  • Mapped out my from start to finish, because my brain stopped chattering during the run and I didn't need to watch the clock. I just ran with everything I had.

  • As there was no chatter there was less panic and I breathed a lot easier

  • I visiualize the route. I knew as soon as I made it passed certain points I was going to make it

  • Forgive yourself for being human! I knew this run was going to be my last attempt and I forgot to warm up before it. I didn't beat myself up. I told myself, "It's fine don't worry we will just use last weeks time. Let's get this run over with so you can rest and wee". Oh yeah my body likes to have the urge to nervous wee before this run ERRTIME

Some basic tips, but honestly they were a game changer for me. I hope the above helps. Now I'm walking into rest week ready to mentally recover to start really tackling it the week after! LET'S GO!

If I can, you can. Don't let your childhood win!


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